Qi Activation

Serena Christian

Certified Qigong Instructor: Level-1 Qigong Healing Form

Located in Eugene, OR 97404
Phone Number(s): (928) 593-9303

Qigong is changing my life in many positive ways on a daily basis! I feel a powerful increase in energy, clarity, endurance, patience and an overall sense of well-being! Feelings of serenity, compassion and contentment are felt regularly now. A sense that, "everything truly is okay in this moment, no matter what" causes a powerful, grateful to be alive emotion! I feel my massage practice is benefitting from the results of Qigong as well since I have more focused, healing energy for clients. The magnetic force cultivated through practicing Qigong feels healing to the core. Sitting meditation can be challenging for me but Qigong feels like a moving meditation which is easier for me and I love it! Now my body craves Qigong!

I notice a centeredness with students who participate in the classes i teach. I feel an inspired curiosity about the continued effects Qigong has on them. They feel relaxed after class, yet as if they just worked out. They are warm and glowing and tingly. Peacefully energized! I love sharing Qigong because it is so good for your body,mind and spirit! As of now, I teach Fridays at noon at Core Star Center, 2nd St. between Lawrence and Washington. Come as you are to this self-healing, level one experience. The class is about 45minutes and includes, Empty Force, Cloud Hands, Earth Hands, Around the World and Push Hands. Some students have been attending my classes since I started teaching in 2013 and some it will be their first time ever. We are all in this together! :-) Please contact me if you are curious so I can let you know when more classes become available or to schedule a one on one lesson.

Thank you for reading and being interested! Qigong is amazing because anybody can practice & the results are so evident! The powerful healing heat, tingly, magnetic effects of Qigong are felt within my whole being! Blessings of love&light for your adventures!