Qi Activation

Michael Zarchian

Certified Qigong Instructor: Level-1 Qigong Healing Form, Breath Empowerment & Nine-Breath Method, Level-2 Qigong Healing Form, Level-3 Workshop Facilitator

Located in Austin, TX 78745
Phone Number(s): 512-947-1033

I welcome meeting you and look forward to offering your SS QiGong ! Your first week of classes is free, as long as you come to consecutive classes during that week. Your first private class is free too.

A friend told me about the 4 day Supreme Science QiGong training and said that it was great and a totally new experience. Haven taken many martial arts classes(2nd Degree Brown belt Goju-ryu;Shukokai), energy healing classes, Taoist energy classes, Tai Chi classes, some qigong clases, lots of self help classes(which all helped!), advanced energy healing training(multiple certifications). I was skeptical, bored (not anymore!) about fitness training and the whole scene in general. I was tired of my fitness trainer career(Pilates, BodyPump™) and needed to move forward. This was where my commitment to always do new things despite my personal negativity came through! From the first time I began the group QiGong exercises with the highly skilled Supreme Science QiGong creator Jeff and his assisting practitioners-it was totally new, empowering and FUN!. Moving with the rest in our group I felt potent, relaxing and invigorating energies I have never felt before! SS QiGong was easy to learn compared to my past QiGong instruction, and I felt the transforming energies, strongly almost immediately. SS QiGong has reawakened my love for the energetic and physical eastern arts. I accepted Jeff’s 30 day Qigong practice commitment and have loved every minute of it! Adding SS QiGong to my life everyday no matter how I feel has been a welcome addition to my wellbeing in my life. I do SS QiGong everyday the best I can, and I benefit even if it is not “perfect”. I don’t have to do it faultless to get the benefits; I just have to do it! I enthusiastically became level 1,2 and 3(soon!) certified and am looking forward to assist you in improving your life, well be-ing, attitude, strengths, FUN in your life offering you SS QiGong.

I am currently setting up classes all over Austin, offering a FREE outdoor weekly QiGong class in Barton Springs, and one up in North Austin too. Wherever YOU want to learn QiGong, I will be there! Contact me and lets set something up!