Qi Activation

Frank Pascoe

Certified Qigong Instructor: Level-1 Qigong Healing Form, Breath Empowerment & Nine-Breath Method, Level-2 Qigong Healing Form

Located in Corvallis, OR 97330
Phone Number(s): 541-231-8533

Perhaps counterintuitively, Qigong helps me stay fit. People who haven't experienced it will be surprised that despite how gentle the movements are, it can be surprisingly strenuous. I think everyone finds their own level and improves their fitness with regular practice. Jeff Primack teaches that practicing Supreme Science Qigong moves a lot of blood, the equivalent of other much more "active" exercises. It does this without the side effect of creating elevated inflamation in our body. It is a fitness program for life!

The discipline of my practice also stimulates me to be more focused in my life. I think this happens because it literally exercises this faculty in my brain. Although anytime is good, I prefer to practice Qigong in the morning, it is a wonderful way to wake up.

I am also a Dream Researcher. Currently I am working on a project where I am interviewing Elders about the traditional use of dreams in the Iberian Peninsula (Andorra, Portugal, Spain). During the summer of 2014, I will be circumnavigating the Iberian Peninsula on the pilgrimage trail known as the The Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago). I will be talking to people about dreams and teaching Qigong! What could be more fun?

In the future I would like to carry out a research project investigating brainwave changes while practitioners practice Qigong.

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